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One of the greatest things about canine collectibles is that they, so like the dogs they represent, manage to make wherever they are placed, their home.



This is so true of the little Sealyham Terrier captured in a frame that I, on a whim, placed on my bathroom vanity. At first, I believe it was just a color choice. The warm tans and beige of this print, framed in black, blended beautifully with my bathroom wallpaper, molding and counter tops. This was a print, not an original. Although it was signed by someone famous (Cecil Aldin, 1870-1935), it was matted and framed in a way you see, well, almost everywhere.

From the very first morning that I sat down, sleepy-eyed and tossled and about to go through my morning routine, and I saw this perky little pup smiling at me, I fell in love. Although I know I had something to do with it, it seemed that the more I loved seeing my little canine friend at the beginning and end of my days, other dogs (canine collectible dogs, that is) began showing up and “hanging out” on my vanity as well. Again, none of these dog figurines escaped from a museum.

The carnival glass Scottie is now my vanity glass trinket jar. Each one is different, in age, in breed, in medium. Each one has had one, or maybe many past lives and owners. Now they all hold a very special place in my heart for the stories they have to tell if they could, and the loving role they play in my life. After all, how could I look at my new group of canine best friends each morning and not chuckle and shake my head at how perfect some things in life just are, and start my day with a smile?!


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