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Collectible Canines, Captivating Collectible Canines

First, a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our followers who patiently hung in there while we made changes and updates to our website and to our shop. There’s so much in the world of “A Dog’s Tale” to write about, and I hope you will enjoy what we have to share, and that you will want to share it with others.

Our passion is Dog Collectibles

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Canine Collectibles       

All of us at “A Dog’s Tale” spend much of our time searching and finding wonderful antique and vintage dogs. During the process, we often find that we can’t help building relationships with these treasures, even though we know that they will only be in our care for a short time.

These relationships occur because these canines pull at our heartstrings. Whether they are composed of porcelain, wood, or pen & ink, their expressive faces engage us. We connect with them at first glance and they “speak” to us from that moment on.

Dahl-Jensen Wire-Haired Fox Terrier Pup Front 1- Dog's Tale Collectibles

Certain artists and sculptors create dogs that are hopelessly engaging. Porcelain dogs by the Danish sculptor, Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen (1874-1960) with their soft color palette, and extraordinary, expressive faces are a great example. Our customers tell us that their Dahl-Jensen figurines seem to “catch” their

gaze, making it almost impossible for them to walk by the dog, without wanting to give it a tender touch.

My own first experience with a Dahl-Jensen pup was not only unforgettable, it was the encounter that generated the name of my company. Here’s what happened…

I was out doing what I love to do best, sourcing dogs for what is now called “A Dog’s Tale.” This particular pup was sitting high on a shelf and alone. While my eyes, o

ver time, have become very used to quickly scanning shelves, tabletops and even floors for dogs in need of being “rescued” , this particular pup stopped the travel of my gaze with the force of a brick wall.

He was sitting EXACTLY like a puppy sits. His paws flared out. His chest pushed forward just a little bit. His head was slightly cocked to one side. But even the amazing realism didn’t affect me nearly as much as the look he seemed to cast my way.
It said: “I’m here. I’ve been waiting.”

Wild horses couldn’t have dragged me away from that dog.

Dahl Jensen Sealyham Terrier Dog Side 1- Dog's Tale Collectibles

He had a tale to tell.

For some of us who live in a small apartment, such a dog figurine is a very visible “welcome home” piece on a table. For others, it is part of a much larger, cherished collection, housed in a glass front cabinet in an elegant drawing room. Yet no matter how we choose to display our Dahl-Jensen dogs, they never fail to bring a true spark of what is beautiful and whimsical in life, to what could otherwise be just decoration.

So I’ve shared one of my favorites. You can see all the Dahl-Jensen dogs in the shop by just typing “Dahl” into the search bar at the top of our home page. Check often because they come and go with new ones arriving in a wonderful variety of breeds. And let me tell you…each one is quite a character.

Does this remind you of something?

Do you have a captivating collectible canine that “magically” draws your attention nearly every time you walk by? If so, please send a picture of it to us to share along with a few lines about “your relationship.” (Don’t worry. You’re in good company.)

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