Collecting Dogs That Look Like Yours

Yes, That’s My Dog!

Collecting dogs that remind us of dogs we know or have known, seems to be the #1 reason for collecting dogs, whether they are antique or vintage, figurines, portraits or sculptures

Large Hand-Painted Basset Hound Ceramic Figurine

Unlike collecting shoes, or sports paraphernalia, many antique and vintage dog figurines, portraits, and sculptures look so much like the dogs they are meant to represent, we can easily move our affections over to them. If that particular “flesh & fur” pup is still with us, then the collectible version serves to remind us of our dog’s physical features and amazing antics.

Love at First Sight

If a collectible dog reminds us of a very much loved dog in our past, it can easily slip into that hole in our heart, and bring us joy. Owning a porcelain figurine of a dog, or a portrait that looks like a dog you know, or you once knew, is also the perfect way to honor your canine best friend, and many of us do just that.

For the classic AKC breeds, finding antique and vintage art and sculptures that remind you of your Bulldog, German Short-Haired Pointer, Scottish Terrier or Standard Poodle (the list can go on and on…) is not all that difficult. And although the dog may not look exactly like yours…it still can capture our fancy and bring back fond memories.

Collecting Dogs of a Certain Breed

Many of us are more “egalitarian” when we collect. Not only do we have a real Dachshund best friend, but we love Dachshunds…ALL Dachshunds. That’s really fun for a collector, and that’s why I often see or hear of homes that are just bursting at the seams with their breed of choice, (Is there really such a thing as too many Dachshunds? This is a subject to be covered in another post.)

The challenge begins when the dog you love, doesn’t quite look like something out of an AKC Handbook, and that’s happening more & more these days. Did I mention “Doodle dogs?”

Antique & Vintage Dogs

Antique collectible dogs are at least 100 years old, and vintage are around 50. So, I would be safe in guessing that not only will our dogs not be around that long, but we won’t be either. However, we don’t have to settle only on brand new renditions of our precious pups. If you look closely, many of the characteristics of our dogs, the exuberance of a Lhasa-Poo (Lhasa Apso, Poodle) for example, can be seen in this figurine done by a modeller of a Lhasa Apso in the early 1900s. If you would like to see more of very animated figurines by Karl Ens, take a look at some that we currently have in our shop at: KARL ENS.

Karl Ens Lhasa
 Collecting Dogs Like This Porcelain Lhasa Apso by Karl Ens c.1910-1920’s

Mixed Breed Dog Collecting

If your dog is a mixed breed, and tends to look a bit more like one breed than the others, looking for wonderful examples of that one breed can often reveal many of your dog’s most endearing traits. This dog, for example, didn’t look like any dog I have ever known, but he is sitting with his rear paw sticking out through his front paws, in a way that reminds me of my puppy, Dani. She’s the only puppy that I’ve ever seen do that, so you can believe that this figurine is part of my collection.

Collecting Dogs, Collecting Dogs That Look Like Yours
The Real Dani
Sitting Puppy with Paw Peeking Out
She even sits like Dani

Oftentimes, vintage dogs will remind us of our dogs, even though they were not done purposefully to resemble our dogs. There are those vintage dogs that are not meant to be exact representations of any particular breed, but rather have a more whimsical, or comical appeal.

Bonzo, Pluto, and more recently, Snoopy are famous examples. Many canine figurines done during the 40’s – 60’s, that are not at all famous, can capture our dogs’ expressions and antics quite well.

If you have antique or vintage collectible dog art or figurines that remind you of dogs you have or have had, we would LOVE to see them and share them with others.

If you would like to see dogs that might remind you of yours, please drop us a note with some pictures. We’ll help you match them up.

And, as always, if you would like some help in finding an antique or vintage collectible dog that pulls at your heartstrings, shoot us an email, tell us what you are looking for (attach a picture of your dog, if you’d like), and we will put you on our “Fetch List.” If a canine comes our way that we think matches your dog’s description, and can possibly grab that place in your heart, we will most certainly let you know.

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