Collecting Dog Families

What a Family! What a Collection!

Terrier Family

It is always wonderful to discover a new porcelain pup, perhaps in your favorite breed. It is a real treat to find a family.

Now that family “togetherness” has taken on many new meanings over the last 9 months, let” ™s take a moment to celebrate some of the “family” groups of collectible canines that are currently in our shop.

And there are so many Families!

Spaniel Mom and Pup
Dog Family, Collecting Dog Families
Cocker Spaniel family
Trio- Italian Family
Dachsund Mom and PupnCa
Cold Painted Bronze Familyce

If you have a family group of collectible canines — we would LOVE to see them, and share them with the Dogs Tale Community. Please email your picture with a brief description to us at:  donna  at  adogstalecollectibles  dot com or send us a message at “contact us.”


Just a note for all of the new collectors out there:

Each dog, in this family of 4 Terriers, is marked “ERPHILA.” This is a mark found on German, Czechoslovakian, as well as other porcelain and pottery made after 1920.

It was a mark used by the giftware importer, “Ebeling and Reuss” (1886-2002) of Philadelphia. The mark is a combination of the letters E & R (Ebeling and Reuss), and the first letters of Philadelphia.

ERPHILA pieces can have all different looks. This is because the mark represents the importer, not the maker or modeler. Want to see some examples? Just type ERPHILA into the search bar at the top right of our home page, and see for yourself.

To learn more about ERPHILA figurines and pottery go to:

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