Rare Antique Dog Collectibles

Rare Antique Dog Collectibles

Rare Indeed!

If you are reading this, you most likely believe that antiques have a greater chance of holding their value than do similar current, machine made items.

Whether we collect a specific breed (French Bulldogs), or a maker (Rosenthal), we admit that many of the collectible dog figurines that we choose, we choose for their beauty, or love for their vintage quality, or perhaps for their antique provenance.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Radar

The acronym “RADAR” is often used to define those most highly collectible antique and vintage finds.

Antique Dog Collectibles
  • “R” = Rarity
  • “A” = Aesthetics
  • “D” = Desirability
  • “A” = Authenticity
  • “R” = Really Great Condition

Keep in mind that not every antique or vintage item has to satisfy each of these descriptors to be considered a worthy purchase. Condition is the one that is often stretched to include those pieces that might have some acceptable age-related wear. In some decorating circles, “shabby chic” is a plus.

Of each of these descriptors, RARITY seems to be the one that is most difficult to define. This term seems to have more than a single qualifier. When something is considered “rare”, we can safely agree that it could be considered so because not many were ever made. It could also mean that few of the originals are still in existence.

Perhaps it is considered “rare” because it is done in an unusual color. Likewise, it could be considered “rare” because of its’ unusual size.

Some items are also considered “rare” because it would be so difficult to reproduce them, that they just are not getting reproduced at this time.

Antique Dogs

So, you can either find an old one, or not own any at all. If you look at the French Bulldogs pictured above, they would be considered “Rare” for these reasons:

  • Not many were made in solid white.
  • Few of those that were made are currently available.
  • They have an unusual provenance that brings them from their original
    Heubach molds to ERPHILA importers, to then a small shop with a red
    crown mark.

Combine this with the grades you would give them for “Aesthetics”, “Desirability”, “Authenticity”, and “Really Great Condition”, and you might find yourself looking at a great find.

Take a moment to look at other RADAR worthy collectible dogs we currently have in the shop.

Antique Anri Schnauzer Nut Cracker

Vintage Scottie Aerolux Light

Vintage Bulldog Figurine Mortens Studio

Antique Meissen Pug Trio

And here are some recent arrivals…


Vintage Portuguese Majolica Pitcher with Greyhound Dog Handle



Vintage Miniature Dog-Shaped Glass Bottles


Antique before 1940

Edwin Landseer Antique Steel Engraving “The Bloodhound”



Vintage Sterling Silver Pekingese Dog Pin



Edwin Landseer Antique Steel Engraving “The Three Dogs”



Vintage Porcelain Borzois Karl Ens Germany c.1920-1972

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