Yorkshire Terriers Collectibles

Yorkshire Terrier Collectibles

Vintage and Antique Yorkshire Terrier Collectibles come in many forms.

Some are sculpted or painted, and other are forged or sewn. What catches your fancy?

Yorkshire Terrier Collectibles

What’s not to like about Collectible “Yorkies”?

With their small size and big personality, Yorkshire Terriers have captured the hearts of dog lovers since the late 1800’s. They still rank up in the top ten most popular dogs in the USA.

Some fun facts to know about Yorkshire Terriers:

They make great watchdogs. In this case, size doesn’t matter. Hearing does.  Their terrific sense of hearing allows them to hear “guests” long before they get to your door.

One of the most famous WWII dogs was a Yorkie named “Smoky”, and she was a girl. She saved the lives of the troops by warning them of an enemy advance, long before the soldiers themselves could hear them.

On the lighter side, Audrey Hepburn made Yorkshire Terriers a popular dog choice with her Yorkie named “Mr. Famous.”

Bronze Yorkshire Terrier Figurine

Bronze Yorkshire Terrier Figurine

Yorkshire Terrier Figurine

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Figurine

Goebel Yorkshire Terrier Collectible

Goebel Yorkshire Terrier Pair

Antique & Vintage Yorkshire Terriers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

One of the most interesting things about collecting antique and vintage Yorkshire Terriers is that that they range of ways that this breed is sculpted, painted, forged or sewn is very wide. As a result, you get many collectible Yorkshire Terriers that don’t resemble each other in the least, but all resemble their “flesh & fur” counterparts well enough to distinguish them as indeed a Yorkie.

Is it their long fur coats that challenge artists, or rather is it this diminutive dog’s large personality that gives those who try to “capture” them in porcelain, bronze, silver, etc. such creative license.

To give you a good example of the diversity of Yorkshire Terrier

, Yorkshire Terriers Collectibles

Vintage Lalique Crystal Yorkshire Terrier

, Yorkshire Terriers Collectibles

Kay Finch Yorkshire Terrier/Silky Terrier

, Yorkshire Terriers Collectibles

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Portrait – Original

Some of our Yorkies waiting for a new home…

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