Breathtaking Borzois

Antique and Vintage Borzoi Figurines

The Breathtaking Borzoi

Vintage Porcelain Borzois Karl Ens


When you think of these elegant, gentle and athletic dogs, they often carry a “magical” quality, not unlike that of a unicorn. Was it because they were slaughtered and almost made extinct during the Russian Revolution due to their association with the Russian aristocracy?

Or might it be because they have expressions that look so deeply intelligent and wise? That, combined with their size, deep chests, thin waists, and long, soft, curly coats certainly place them first on the casting list for any mythical movie or fairytale.

Lately, TikTok has been overrun with pictures of Borzois, often in comical situations, i.e., Helping to get the last pringle out of the can.

With all that aside, this incredible breed is everything that you would expect them to be…and more. Calm, Respectful, Intelligent, Affectionate in a “Classy” way, and of course, “Impressively Beautiful.”

Antique before 1940

Vintage Wein Augarten Borzoi Dog Figurine c.1930’s


Art Deco

Vintage Porcelain Borzois Sitzendorf Thuringia, Germany


It’s no wonder that sculptors such as Karl Ens of the Volkstedt porcelain factory, Max Fritz of Rosenthal, or K. Tutter of Hutschenreuther found this breed to be the perfect subject for their artistic efforts.

We currently have some breathtaking porcelain Borzois in the shop, as well as some vintage and useful Borzoi-themed items, that are fun to look at and even better to own.

However, don’t blink. These wonderful Borzois, so like their real “flesh & fur” counterparts can be gone in a flash!

See all of the Borzoi’s in our shop: 

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