Collecting Vintage Dogs

Collecting Vintage Dogs

, Collecting Vintage Dogs

Vintage Porcelain Dachshunds


A lot goes into how you choose what you add to your vintage dog collection.

You buy what catches your eye, what so represents the breed(s) that you love, what will fill that special place in your home that’s waiting to be “dog- adorned”, and what adds a new piece to a particular maker or artist collection you are building.

You also buy what might just be a good investment… and that’s where the notion of TRENDING becomes interesting. I’m calling it a “notion” because that seems to be what trending is. It is not a well-defined, antiques descriptor, even though it is used often. You can substitute it for “popular”, “desirable”, often even “expensive.” That is because when a vintage dog is trending, it most often means that it has become harder-to-find at a reasonable price, and will (as long as the trend lasts), continue to become more difficult to find, and increasingly cost more.
Trends are temporary. They will eventually run their course and hit a plateau. Yet even though, over time, they will become more available…prices rarely go down.

As collectors, paying attention to trends, is a worthwhile tip. We, at “A Dog’s Tale” are continuously watching for trends so that we can “fetch” vintage dog figurines before a trend sends their prices through the roof, and pass those savings on to you

Here are some examples of vintage dogs that are currently trending:

Those created by Carl Scheidig
(Mid-1930’s – early 1970’s Germany)

Vintage Porcelain Fox Terrier Pair c.1940’s-1960’s

Vintage Porcelain Sporting Dogs – Carl Scheidig c.1950’s

Currently, vintage dogs in general, are trending towards small and nostalgic. That puts a spotlight on vintage dogs that show action or activity, and are whimsical and engaging. Needlework dogs have been trending for quite a while…petit point, in particular.

Trending: Needlepoint and Petit Point Dogs

Vintage Petit Point Poodle Fire Screen/Table

Petit Point Grey Poodle Portrait

Likewise, Folk Art seems to be trending with a modern update in 2022-2023. The rustic, more Bohemian Folk Art pieces have been replaced in popularity with those that have a more streamlined, contemporary look.

Trending: Folk Art Dogs

Large Vintage Folk Art Collie Figurine

Antique Folk Art Hooked Rug With Scotties

Vintage Folk Art Solid Wood Dog

And of course, you’ll love some or our latest additions to our shop…


Vintage Portuguese Majolica Pitcher with Greyhound Dog Handle



Vintage Miniature Dog-Shaped Glass Bottles


Antique before 1940

Edwin Landseer Antique Steel Engraving “The Bloodhound”



Vintage Sterling Silver Pekingese Dog Pin



Edwin Landseer Antique Steel Engraving “The Three Dogs”



Vintage Porcelain Borzois Karl Ens Germany c.1920-1972


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