Designing Dogs

Designing Dogs

Decorating your home with antique and vintage dogs can be fun and inspring.

In the spirit of having the joyful prospect of an entire year of fabulous collecting awaiting us, we thought it wise to take a pause and refresh the way we display our current antique and vintage dogs. This process can also inspire some creativity as we add to our canine collections.


Desiging with Antique and Vintage Dogs
Great Dane Pillow

Your Dogs, Your Home

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the greatest things about collectible dogs is that they, so like the dogs they represent, manage to make wherever they are placed, their home.

From a design perspective, both your collection and your home can benefit greatly from combining your passion with a touch of creativity, and some quick tips.

When asked, everyone at “A Dog’s Tale” had some to offer…

Cocker, Boxer, Terrier
  • CLUSTER instead of lining up your collectible dogs in a row. Incorporate the “Rule of 3” when moving your choice of dogs from that overcrowded shelf or armoire. Pieces arranged in odd numbers are more interesting and appealing than even-numbered groupings.
  • PLACE THE RIGHT SINGLE DOG IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Whether it is a porcelain figurine, wall art or an antique bronze dog, it will make your home look more expensive. Add lighting to bring it further into focus.
  • DON’T STOP AT YOUR LIVING ROOM. Antique and vintage dogs look fabulous in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and bedrooms. They add interest and break up the monotony of built-in cabinetry, countertops, and shelving. The presence of a dog figurine or dog art makes a space more welcoming.
  • EVERY FLAT SURFACE PRESENTS A CHANCE TO BE CREATIVE. Mantlepieces, desktops, tops of vanities and even floor space are decorative opportunities, waiting to be explored.
Bulldog, Cocker
  • USE OTHER DECORATIVE OBJECTS TO BRING ATTENTION TO YOUR DOGS (or vice-versa.) Displaying your collectible dogs around books (especially old books) make gorgeous displays. Likewise, any floral display or indoor plant can look even more elegant or whimsical combined with the placement of one or a cluster of dogs.

More Inspiration

You don’t need to be an interior designer to show off your antique and vintage dogs to perfection. “No rules, just inspiration” is our motto.

Here are some new arrivals at “A Dog’s Tale” we hope will inspire you.

Cairn Terriers

Vintage Dahl-Jensen Cairn Terrier Dog



Vintage Goebel Scottie Pair Large Mint



Vintage Goebel Schnauzer Puppy Over-sized c.1979-1990



Vintage Scottish Terrier Dogs Sterling Silver Pin


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