Dogs of Character – Royal Doulton

Dogs of Character

Royal Doulton and Cecil Aldin

Modelers from Royal Doulton, inspired by the illustrations of Cecil Aldin, a British writer and illustrator, who was best known for his dog stories, created a series of dog figurines, which became known as the “Dogs of Character” series.

The name of this series was pulled directly from Aldin’s illustrated book of the same name: Dogs of Character, published in London, in 1927. The pictures of the dogs themselves, used in this series, came from a selection of Cecil Aldin’s books.

Cecil Aldin’s “Dogs of Character”  1927

Cecil Aldin’s “A Dog Day”

“A Bunch of Mischief” by Cecil Aldin

Not much is known about the modeler or modelers of this series (slightly different features of the dogs suggest that there might have been more than one.)

The first six of the series were introduced in 1934. Two more were added in 1937, and four in 1938. Then some were removed, and in 1941, six more were added ( HN2585-2590.)

Then not until 1959, a final one was added HN2654, which is the dog with the slipper.

The series was retired in 1985. Those dogs that were part of the original group are all distinguished by an early flat bottomed backstamp.

Royal Doulton Maker’s Mark

This is a fabulous collection to start. Each dog has a wonderful and distinctive personality, that absolutely captures your heart and your imagination. Being able to tie them to one of the most popular dog artists of the early twentieth century, makes this collection a treasure to own.

We currently have five of this original collection in our shop.   Please take a moment to take a look.  They are guaranteed to make you smile!

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