Boston Terrier Collectibles

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Oh, do we love Vintage and Antique Boston Terriers! They were the very first, official breed, created in the U.S. (yes, in Boston, MA.) Dating all the way back to 1893, this popular pup has endless enthusiasm, and gets along with everyone he meets.

Our Love Affair with”The American Gentleman”

The Boston Terrier’s dapper dog attitude is no surprise, in that he was born wearing a permanent”fur”tuxedo. This James Bond”dash”that encourages smiles and friendly encounters, works the same with Boston Terrier figurines. You simply can’t resist them!

A standout wherever you choose to display them, Boston Terrier collectibles add style to every home.

Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier Doorstop Hubley c.1900
Boston Terrier Sitting
Mortens Studio Boston Terrier Puppy
Boston Terrier
Rosenthal Boston Terrier Dog Figurine

Boston Terrier Figurines

Boston Terriers are so fun and easy to display. Take a minute to peruse our selection of Boston Terrier figurines and collectibles. Fair warning: Once you fall for a Boston — there’s no going back!

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Unique Vintage Cast Iron Puppy Dog Doorstop


Antique before 1940

Antique Cast Iron Spaniel Dog Paperweight c. early 1900’s


Antique before 1940

Antique Bradley & Hubbard Cast Iron Dog Figure Nutcracker


Antique before 1940

Antique Pressed Glass Dog Paperweight c. Early 1900s


Antique before 1940

Antique Victorian Pug Pounce Pots with Glass Eyes c.1870’s