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Collecting Canines: Putting Your Best Paw Forward, Because canine collectors are as varied as the breeds they collect, it is difficult to give anything but good “generic” advice.

The Eye Catching Glance by Dahl Jensen

I See You! Those of us who are avid collectors of antique and vintage dogs, do it for a variety of reasons. But Dahl Jensen is special. Think about this… When was the last time you looked at a porcelain dog figurine… and it looked back at you? Dahl-Jensen porcelain canine figurines do just that. […]

Collecting Dogs That Look Like Yours

Large Hand-Painted Basset Hound Ceramic Figurine

Yes, That’s My Dog! Collecting dogs that remind us of dogs we know or have known, seems to be the #1 reason for collecting dogs, whether they are antique or vintage, figurines, portraits or sculptures Unlike collecting shoes, or sports paraphernalia, many antique and vintage dog figurines, portraits, and sculptures look so much like the […]

Captivating Collectible Canines

It’s Blogging Time at “A Dog’s Tale” First, a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our followers who patiently hung in there while we made changes and updates to our website and to our shop. There’s so much in the world of “A Dog’s Tale” to write about, and I hope you will enjoy what […]

Decorating With Dogs: Let’s Get Started!

Dog Collectibles

You don’t need to be an interior designer or an antiques expert to begin decorating with dogs. As soon as you start to look, you will begin to find items that “speak” to you. Sooner than you might expect, you will have gathered your own lovable litter of antique and vintage dog collectibles, representing your […]