Cocker Spaniel Collectibles

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Is it any surprise that Cocker Spaniels rank #30 out of the 196 recognized AKC dog breeds in popularity? Described in the handbook as “Gentle, Smart and Happy” , these silky pups, with their impish personalities, have been a favorite of American Presidents (Nixon and “Checkers” ), as well as Hollywood stars (George Clooney and “Einstein” ), and music icons (Elton John and “Arthur” .)

Cocker Spaniel Collectibles

Royal Haeger Cocker Spaniel c.1940


Our Love Affair with Big Eyes and Lush Ears

So, the prettiest dog in the neighborhood, can easily be the most gorgeous canine collectible in the house. Cocker Spaniel figurines practically demand to be touched. In addition, they come in a myriad of colors and patterns to satisfy any taste or dacor.

Hutschenreuther (Germany), and Dahl Jensen (Denmark), are two of our favorite modelers of Cocker Spaniel Collectibles as porcelain figurines. They have created some of the most realistic-looking cockers, with an emphasis on the dogs’ flowing fur and expressive eyes. See the Hutschenreuther Cocker HERE

Cocker Spaniel Figurine

Big enough to look sporty, the Cocker Spaniel Collectible fits nicely into a more masculine, hunting dog dacor. Small enough to appear completely feminine, with the long lashes and curly fur to prove it, Cocker Spaniels also fit beautifully into a dacor that emphasizes comfort, frills, and that small dog vibe.

If Mid-Century Modern is your passion, Royal Haeger has a variety of Cocker Spaniel figurines to choose from.Charming as its flesh and fur models, vintage Cocker Spaniels, such as the brass doorstop, “Dreamboy” , make a wonderful decorative statement in a cottage style home.

Cocker Spaniel Collectibles

Dahl -Jensen Porcelain Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels Collectibles, Cocker Spaniel Collectibles

Vintage Brass Cocker Spaniel Dog Bookends

Collecting Cocker Spaniels

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this brief encounter with some information about Cocker Spaniels. We also hope that we have piqued a new interest in this fabulous dog, or provided an incentive to add to your Cocker Spaniel collection. If so, click here to see our current inventory of collectible Cocker Spaniels, and know that you are in good company with others who can’t help but be passionate about this wonderful sweetheart in a puppy suit.

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See more on Cocker Spaniels at the official AKC breed site

Cocker Spaniel


Some recent additions to our family…

Antique before 1940

Antique Miniature Pug Porcelain Figurine



Vintage Sporting Dog Flip Card c.1950’s


Carl Scheidig

Vintage Porcelain Dachshunds – Carl Scheidig c.1950’s