Another Old Friend With A New Home – SLV-2165

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Silver Plate Boxer Dog Salt Cellars

This English Bulldog Portrait Plate is so beautifully painted, you will want to reach out and pet this pup. It is in mint condition.

Bulldog Porcelain Art - KIT-2165-3

Bulldog Porcelain Art - KIT-2165-2

Hand-Painted English Bulldog Portrait Plate

Bulldog Porcelain Art - KIT-2165-4

Bulldog Porcelain Art - KIT-2165-5

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This matched pair of open salt cellars are especially wonderful because they were cast in the form of Boxer Dogs who look to be guarding their food bowls. The detail on each Boxer Dog is wonderful, highlighting everything from their fur lines to their characteristic “frowning” faces. The interior of the bowls have a beautiful gilt finish. They measure 2 3/4″ tall x 4 3/4″ long x 2 1/4″ wide, and they are in excellent condition.
While their original use is to hold salt on your dining table, they are large enough to also serve as ook like they are peering right into your heart.

This elegant, decorative, porcelain plate has a diameter of 7 3/4″, and it is signed and dated by the artist. It is in mint condition.

This fabulous  plate would make a very special, one-of-a-kind gift for any Bulldog enthusiast. If you are considering starting, or adding to a canine wall gallery…this sweet pup would make an amazing addition.

Silver Plate Boxer Dog Salt Cellars

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