Vintage Scottish Terrier Collectibles

Did you ever wonder why Scottish Terrier Collectibles are so popular?

Of all of the 193 recognized AKC dog breeds, sitting very close to the top of the collectibles list is the Scottish Terrier collectible. And since the Scottish Terrier hasn’t been the most popular dog on the AKC list since the 1930s, we, at A Dog’s Tale, wanted to learn more about why that would be.

Scotty Figurine
Rosenthal Scottish Terrier Black & White Pair

The Fabulous History of the Scottish Terrier

It was fascinating to discover that the very early history of the Scottish Terrier was a bit confusing in that before 1850, any dog that chased a fox in Scotland was called a Scottish Terrier. Likewise, the breed that we now know and love and fondly refer to as a “Scottie” or “Scotty” was originally named an Aberdeen Terrier.

In 1855, the AKC made the distinction between a Scottish Terrier and a terrier who just happened to be in Scotland. The first dog show to include a Scottish Terrier was in 1860, and the very first Scottish Terrier arrived in the U.S. in 1883. His name was “Prince Charlie.”

Our Love Affair with the Clever Scotsman

The Scottish Terrier, who was nicknamed the “Scottie” or “Scotty,” became one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. in the 1930s through the early 1940s. The popularity was due in great part to its celebrity status of being the cherished and pampered pet of Presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, royalty such as Queen Victoria, and  Hollywood icons such as Humphrey Bogart, and Liza Minelli. More recently, George W. Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, David Bowie, and Tatum O’Neil are also listed as passionate Scottish Terrier enthusiasts.

Scotty Collectible
Scotty Decanter with Westie

The Dog That Never Goes Out of Style

Yes, in so many ways, the Scottie is unquestionably delightful. During our research, we discovered that this breed most likely wins first prize in the number of adjectives used to describe both its’ appearance and its’ personality. Ranging from “agile” and “feisty” to “dignified” and “reserved” , there are so many that they begin to contradict themselves.

Nonetheless, many people are extraordinarily attracted to Scottish Terrier collectibles, even if they have never owned the flesh and fur version. Why, we wondered, would that be?

Scottish Terrier Collectibles – Availability

From a collector’s standpoint, Scottish Terrier figurines are vast and varied. Almost every factory that has produced porcelain dog figurines has included a number of Scottish Terriers in their inventory. Rosenthal has created both black and white Scottish Terriers that are highly-detailed and realistic. Dahl Jensen has porcelain Scotties that have that soft, tender look, which is a hallmark of a Dahl Jensen figurine, and the colors used are typically soft-muted greys. Herend has a “Scottie McDuff,” and Royal Doulton, Beswick, and Goebel all have versions of this beautiful dog, with Goebel extending into a very kitschy red Scotty, that is now highly collectible. Likewise, Lomonosov, Metzler Ortloff, and Cacciapuoti have whimsical, Scotties that are unique and fun to own.

Antique and vintage Scottish Terriers have become very collectible because they are available in so many mediums. You can find amazing Scotties done in wood, glass, bronze, cast iron, brass, silver, and chalkware. There are countless Scotties done in Needlepoint. Scottish Terriers have been the subject of more paintings than you could possibly imagine.. There are Scotty lamps and Scotty pipe holders. There are all forms of Scotty jewelry from Bakelite to sterling silver and gold. So, in short, if you are looking for anything “Scottie,” you will eventually be able to find it.

Scotty Appearance

While the Scottish Terrier was a popular motif for small, inexpensive knickknacks and advertising pieces during the Depression-era, Black & White Scotch Whiskey, as an example, it is now used by many designers to create a retro-look in decorative pieces, fabric and wall art. Black and white Scotties can add a bold, decorative statement in almost any room. Scotties done in soft greys add charm, and their unique physique make them enjoyable to look at and easy to love.

Scotty Attitude

Finally, Scotties are Scotties. It is easy to imagine them personified. Whether you think of this dog as “Jock” in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp,” or as the most famous piece on the Monopoly board, it is easy to regard him as that “big personality in a little dog’s body.” And for most of us, whether we have had the pleasure of knowing this breed up close and personal, or not — isn’t that the best thing of all about Scotties?

Finding Scottish Terrier Collectibles

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this brief encounter with some information about Scottish Terriers. We also hope that we have piqued a new interest in this fabulous dog, or provided an incentive to add to your Scottie collection. If so, click here to see our current inventory of collectible Scottish Terriers and know that you are in good company with others who can’t help but be passionate about this fantastic breed

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