Porcelain Dogs

It is really hard to ignore the beautiful porcelain dog in the room.

Place a single Rosenthal Great Dane figurine on a mantel, or a Dahl-Jensen Sealyham Terrier on a coffee table, and the room is transformed.

If you collect canine figurines, you have the opportunity to create a special magic over and over again by placing and re-arranging your collectible porcelain figurines as your mood changes and your creativity grows. A medium-to-large piece can add drama and a focal point to a room, while a collection of small figurines, grouped artistically on a tabletop or a shelf, creates interest, and adds warmth.

You might choose to collect by designer, dog breed, or era, or mix them all up, as we sometimes like to do. Any way you approach it, you are sure to end up with a collection worth barking about!