Decorating With Dogs: Let’s Get Started!

Decorating with Dogs

You don’t need to be an interior designer or an antiques expert to begin decorating with dogs.

As soon as you start to look, you will begin to find items that “speak” to you. Sooner than you might expect, you will have gathered your own lovable litter of antique and vintage dog collectibles, representing your one favorite breed, or many.

While most canine collectibles may not be pricey, they are often “priceless” for the way they add elegance, or a touch of whimsy, to your home. Their ultimate value is all about the way they make you feel! The same creative and inventive ideas for collecting and displaying that you see in all decorating magazines, work equally well for canine collectibles.

dog collectibles

Every room in your home can lend itself to a unique take on a canine theme: Jim Beam decanters from the 50’s through the 70’s can turn a very ordinary bar into a vintage-style standout, Scottie stamped jadeite spice jars, displayed on a counter top, coupled with a black cast iron Scottie doorstop, adds a touch of “happy” to your kitchen.

Canine collections can range from a very large number of similar items, to a handful of dramatically different and distinctive pieces. One person’s fabulous collection may consist of “oodles  porcelain poodles” taking over a china closet.

More Decorating with Dogs

Go into another collector’s home, and you will find a dramatic mid-19th century oil painting of a pair of Russian Wolfhounds over the living room mantle, a signed Barye bronze Whippet on the desk in the study, and a Italian ceramic Bulldog cookie jar on display in the kitchen. Both styles add a delightful canine stamp to a home, but each goes about it in a completely different way! It’s always fun to visit someone’s home or office and to be introduced to their collections.

A group of unique antique dog collars, displayed artfully across a table, immediately adds distinction to a room. A collection of Lucy Dawson’s Sealyham terriers in painted frames, combined with a dog decorated, vintage needlework quilt, can turn a child’s room into a haven of “puppy love” that spans generations. Nothing speaks “retro” like a glass water pitcher and matching glasses from the 50’s, adorned with black Scotties wearing perky red bows. Or, carry that retro theme to your bar. A small collection of Heublein’s Black & White Scotch Whiskey pitchers, decanters and statues would make even the most ordinary bar, a striking focal point in a room.

A Story to Tell

Bedroom and bathroom vanities just aren’t complete without at least a few iridescent carnival glass powder jars, re-purposed to hold cotton balls and jewelry, with Scotties or poodles perched on top. Or, set a table that will make your guests smile, using figural dog-themed silver plate napkin rings. Dogs always have a story to tell, (and we love to listen).

Our furry best friends find their special spots in our hearts and on our sofas. Given a chance, you will discover that your collectible canines will find those special spots too. So let’s get started! If you are already in possession of some decorative canines, follow us to get tips on how to show them off to perfection.

If you have never even held a canine collectible in your hand, but are intrigued to learn more — follow us as we share what we discover as we “fetch” dog collectibles from across the globe, and place them, with a bit of decorative panache, in a home just like yours! And, as always, if you have ideas or pictures that you’d like to share — don’t hesitate for a second — we’d love to hear from you!


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