The Art of the Deco Dog

The Art of the Deco Dog

by Donna

Fond Memories

When I think of Art Deco design, my memories carry me back to trips to New York City, Radio City Music Hall , the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center.

Deco Dog Haeger

Those sleek, stylized buildings with their linear design and geometric ornamentation on the outside, as well as on the inside, were bold and breathtaking, especially in the eyes of a child. Carpets with bright, geometric designs, chandeliers with sharply-pointed crystals, and mirrors that seemed to burst out of the walls were all part of the “New York Experience” for a child from the late 50’s into the 60’s.

Brief History

And although, Art Deco was born in the “Roaring Twenties”, spanned through The Great Depression” of the early 30’s, leading up to WWII, it was the resurgence of Art Deco in the 1960’s (alongside of Pop Art) and then again in the 1980’s (with the growth of Graphic Design) that brought us much of the “Deco Dog Design” that is becoming popular, once again.

The Deco Dog

The streamlined forms of Art Deco design lent themselves to the depiction of dogs that are streamlined as well. The Greyhound, Saluki, Borzoi, Great Dane, and Dachshunds were all breeds often featured in Deco jewelry, textiles, as well as other forms of visual and decorative art. At “A Dog’s Tale”, we have turned our focus to the wonderful canine figurines by Royal Haeger, as well as ashtrays, planters and other collectibles that show off the gorgeous smooth lines and streamlined grace of the Art Deco Period.

These dogs, of course would be the perfect pairing with Mid-Century Modern decor, but don’t overlook the idea of combining these beautiful canine pieces in coastal, arts and crafts, cottage, or even more traditional decor.

Remember, bookends do not have to be holding up books, and planters don’t have to hold plants. Bookends with a stylistic series of setbacks, as seen on the facades of buildings built in the 1940’s, combined with a dog in a stretched out pose and lean lines, make interesting, stand alone pieces. Planters with a classic Deco streamlined design, also function well as a unique place to hold hair brushes and products on a vanity, or remotes and chargers on a family room end table.

The Deco Look

Pictures tell a thousand words, so the best way to appreciate Art Deco Dogs is to take a look at some examples. Enjoy! And as always, please share your pictures and insights with us.

Also, take a moment or two to take a look at the “Deco Dogs” we have currently for sale at “A Dog’s Tale,”  and Happy Fetching!

Art Deco Greyhound and Borzoi Running Figurine 2
Art Deco Greyhound and Borzoi Running Figurine
Cacciapuoti Harlequin Dane
Cacciapuoti Harlequin Dane
Deco Pup Bookends
Deco Pup Bookends
Dachshund Figurine
Cobalt Ice Bowl with Dogs
Deco Dogs on Cobalt Ice Bowl
Borzoi Pair Playing
Porcelain Borzoi Pair Playing
Borzoi Deco Tray
Borzoi Deco Tray
Deco Dog Luster Vase
Deco Dog Luster Vase
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