Selling an Antique or Vintage Dog Collection

How and Where to Sell an Antique or Vintage Dog Collection

Selling Vintage and Antique Dog Collections

Some of The Many Antique and Vintage Dogs We’ve Helped Find New Homes

Antique Dogs are like fine wines – they get better with age.”

– Donna O’Connor

If you or a loved one are a dog lover and have a cherished collection of antique and vintage dog items, you might find it time to sell the collection. Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of selling antique and vintage dog collectibles, from identifying their value to finding the perfect platform for selling. Let’s dive in!

  1. Research Your Treasures

Before you start selling, it’s essential to know what you have. Some dog collectibles can fetch a pretty penny, while others may have more emotional value than monetary value. Here are some steps to help you research your items:

  • Online Searches: Use dedicated antique websites like Ruby Lane, 1stdibs, or A Dog’s Tale Collectibles. These resources can reveal what similar items are selling for.
  • Antique Appraisers: Consider hiring a professional antique appraiser or using online services like JustAnswer Appraisals. They can provide insights into your items’ worth.
  • Learn the Marketplace: Understand the current market trends for antique and vintage dog collectibles. Some pieces may be more sought after than others, based on rarity (how many are currently available), and condition.
  1. Choose Your Selling Avenue

Now that you know the value of your collection, it’s time to decide where to sell. Here are your options:

  • Online Platforms: You can sell antiques online through platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Ruby Lane. Remember, very few people are out to buy entire collections. You will most likely need to sell each item separately.
  • Local Sales: Consider local options like flea markets, antique fairs, or consignment shops. You might find collectors or enthusiasts who appreciate your dog items from your collection. These venues, unfortunately, will focus on selling just one item at a time and usually at the lowest price you might imagine.
  1. Preserve or Restore?

Decide whether you want to restore or keep your items in their original condition. Some collectors prefer pristine antiques, while others appreciate the character of well-loved pieces.

  1. A Dog’s Tale Collectibles – Sell With Us

For a hassle-free selling experience, I recommend A Dog’s Tale Collectibles. Their curated selection of vintage and antique dog collectibles is a dog lover’s dream. From porcelain figurines to rare prints, they have a wonderful selection of dogs that are continuously being purchased by savvy collectors. Plus, their “Sell With Us” program makes selling easy. Visit their website at A Dog’s Tale Collectibles to learn more. Remember, every antique and vintage dog item has a story. Share that story with potential buyers, and you’ll find the perfect homes for your beloved treasures. Happy selling! 🐾

Sell With Us

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