Captivating Vintage Dog Art

Captivating Vintage Dog Art

Canine Dog Wall Art

This captivating canine wall gallery is featured in actress Emma Stone’s 4 million dollar home in Los Angeles, which recently sold.

While you can find other examples of galleries created with portraits of dogs, this one stands out in its simplicity and as a masterful combination of elegance and bright color. For those of us who love the idea of “Dogs in Every Room,” at least one carefully curated wall gallery is a must-have. If that is something you haven’t yet considered but would like to start, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

Vintage Dog Art

Start with your largest piece and add around it.

Make sure that you don’t choose a wall that is next to something busy. For example, avoid walls that are very close to bookshelves that are very full, or an armoire loaded with your porcelain dog figurines.

If you choose to use “flat art” such as paintings, prints, or drawings, add interest with your frames. If your goal is to make your gallery unique, consider mixing in plates, textiles, metalwork, plaques, or wood carvings. It absolutely doesn’t matter if your gallery features fine art, or a series of your favorite vintage canine postcards. A canine wall gallery, thoughtfully designed, can dramatically upgrade your living space or office.

If you are looking for some artistic dogs to start with, or to add to your current gallery… here are some of our “wall-worthy” canines.

Here is some vintage dog art you might consider.

Unique Vintage Cast Iron Puppy Dog Doorstop


Antique Cast Iron Spaniel Dog Paperweight c. early 1900’s


Antique Victorian Pug Pounce Pots with Glass Eyes c.1870’s


Vintage Goebel Scottie Pair Large Mint


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